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JavaScript Meetup Mumbai

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018 @ 5:23 pm

This is my second JavaScript meetup experience which I am sharing with you guys. This event was held in Rise Mumbai, Lower Parel at 10:30 am on 17/02/2018. There were nearly about 100 people gathered who were having a curiosity to learn more about JavaScript.

This event was successfully organized by the Bilal Budhani, Preeti Wadhwani, and Manjula Dube. In this JavaScript meet up there were four speakers who worked hard to teach us about the latest technology. And they were Dipti Gandhi, Vivek Nayyar, Nitish Phanse and Ritesh.

As the talks started.

1) The First Javascript Speaker:

Dipti Gandhi was the first speaker. She is a freelancer who likes to work as a JavaScript Developer.
Event Loop was the main topic in Javascript explained by Dipti Gandhi. She started her talk on best and foremost thing that is “What is a JavaScript Event Loop?”. Her topic was great enough to fill everyone’s mind with this great knowledge and she explained the whole concept of Event Loop very nicely.

2) The Second Javascript Speaker:

The second JavaScript speaker was Mr. Vivek Nayyar who is Software Developer who has worked for companies like Hotstar & Ola. he talked about Design Patterns in JavaScript. Design Patterns is a very important factor in building your application because if you have to build your app in an older version and wanted to upgrade in the latest version so here design patterns help you to do it. There are four types of design pattern in JavaScript which are as follows:

  • Singleton Pattern
  • Facade Pattern
  • Decorator Pattern
  • Adapter Pattern

It was great to know about these design patterns. Only one suggestion to Vivek is that he was little fast if he could go little slower than it would be better rest everything was great.

3) The Third Javascript Speaker:

The third speaker was “Nitish Phanse” and he explained about web workers and service workers in JavaScript.
Nitish Phanse is a Senior Software Engineer who works at KyePot.
He explained the main difference between the web workers and service workers in JavaScript. This quality of knowledge given was useful for Developers who are at expert level but not for beginners.

4) The Fourth Javascript Speaker:
Last but not the least the fourth speaker was “Mr. Ritesh”. He explained about the hidden and new parts of Javascript. Basically, it was a new feature in ES2016 Babel. He focused mostly on the topic of lets, Array, an object. And told about the advanced level of Javascript.

All the speakers completed their talks at 2:00 pm then came the “Mr. Bilal Budhani” and spoke about the meetup and congratulated the speaker for having a such a great talk. And told that we can have these kinds of regular meet up if we have more participants in the future.

I would request Mr. Bilal to do something for people who are at beginners level like me because I am sure there are lots of other people like me who want to get into advanced concepts of JavaScript. All these talks are on the advanced topic which I believe only help the people who already have a good experience in JavaScript. I came across people who are Java Developer and now shifted to JavaScript for them it’s easy to understand these talks. So, it is a humble request to do something which attracts to the new participants a workshop maybe can help.

At last there was an announcement for next meet up which is especially for woman
The link is here:

Requested all the women coder to attend this meetup and get a good experience.

I really thank Bilal, Preeti, and Manjula for organizing this event and hope to see more of these events in future.

Sharing few clips of the event

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