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How to start your career as Web Developer

If you’re a geek and love everything to do with the Internet, you’re no doubt itching to become a web developer. After all, you can get cool websites up and be running and boast to your friends that you did it. Right? Well, being a web developer is quite a fun job, and if you get the right guidance then it is sure to work out. So we’ve put together a simple workflow on how to get started with being a web developer. The best way is to understand, learn, train and apply.

Understand What Is Involved
Web development involves much more than just getting web pages up and running. It involves extensive work, right from design to coding. The extent of work involved of course depends on the type of website under construction. It also depends on whether you’re getting into front-end web development or going to the server side.

Most web developers work purely on coding a website to get it in line with an existing design, but some developers also choose to design and develop. If you choose to do both, you will do well to learn UX/UI design to ensure that website visitors truly benefit. Once you understand all that is involved in web development, it will be much easier for you to have a goal and take things forward from there.

Learn To Code
Learning to code doesn’t always have to be at a professional academy, unless of course, you’re looking for a specific certification. There are many online courses and guides that will teach you how to develop a website, as long as you’ve already got a bit of prior experience with coding. For example, W3Schools helps you with code, syntax and also lets you try out snippets while learning to code.

When learning to code, ensure that you have the basics in your repertoire. This includes basics and advanced tools.

Basics include:

HTML: To create actual web pages.

CSS: To design the structure of the website and placement of objects.

Upgrade your knowledge with:

HTML5: For more dynamic web pages.

PHP: To create web applications and to handle more intricate websites.

JavaScript: For user interaction and dynamic pages.

If you’d like to become an advanced web developer, you need to know:

AngularJS: To extend the power of your website.

Node.js: To execute JavaScript server side code.

And of course, good knowledge of running and modifying existing open source web scripts such as WordPress is an added boon.

Train and Apply

A great way to try out your newfound knowledge is to practice and train. This is best done on a small scale, to begin with. Start off by building a professional portfolio for yourself to give you not only a bit of hands-on experience but also a way to showcase your first project. Build your portfolio with smaller projects, and take it forward from there.

To sum it all up, follow these five steps and you’ll land a web developer job easily.

  1. Build a portfolio. Buy a domain name (, host it on a reputed server and create your profile to showcase your work.
  2. Do an internship. Don’t just look out for jobs in huge companies, but be ready to work anywhere, because it adds to your portfolio.
  3. Practice makes perfect so practice a lot until you master most commonly-used web development languages and best practices.
  4. Keep learning and stay up-to-date so that you can constantly upgrade your skills and stay in demand.
  5. Build a good resume and attend interviews. This will give you a glimpse into what employers are hunting for. Of course, you need to be prepared for a few rejections along the way, but each interview will hone your skills and make you successful.

To wrap things up, while starting your career in web development requires the significant investment of your time and effort and if you do all these things religiously than 100% you will be successful in your web development career.

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