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How to install bootstrap 4 jquery and popperjs in angular 6

Installed Bootstrap 4 via npm and it is working though but dropdowns and modals are not working because jquery and popper.js are not importing the way they used to be in angular 5. Installed the following npm install bootstrap –save npm install jquery –save npm install popper.js –save and added that to angular.json because there is no angular.cli.json "styles": [...

Use of ng-hide and ng-show in angularjs

Hello Friends, I came up with a scenario where I have to click a button to show some text. I wanted to do it in angularjs so came up with a solution which I am sharing with everyone below is the code please have a look maybe this can be very useful for people who work on angularjs. Please comment below if you have any better solution for this which can help other people. I have made a video on my youtube channel so... Copyright © 2017