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Hello there to all my wonderful readers! This is Sarfaraz Kasmani here. Welcome to my blog or you can also call it a developmental hub! I am fueled by my passion for UI Development. Due to my hunger of knowledge and determination, I have successfully survived in the Web development industry since 2009. That’s right! I believe that knowledge increases when it is expanded. Therefore, on this blog, I write about UI Development to turn information into action.

The Story Of My Life:
We all have a tendency to plan our every move. But most of the times, life has something else to offer. Afterall, destiny doesn’t let everyone plan their future as they like! I got into the field of Web Development by accident. However, I am fully content and happy where I have reached. It was a combination of various positive forces which channeled my energy and brought me where I am. You know, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

I am a commerce graduate. It was my parents’ wish that I pursue and join a job in a bank. From where I come, the most common opinion is that since bank timings are stable and there are numerous paid leaves you should go for it. But I have always been different from the crowd. I knew that to become a Chartered Accountant was not my cup of tea. My father had a small scale business of dry fish in Mudh. I am also not the type of person who is interested in carrying out his family business. A part of this is because my father suffered a severe loss during my college days. Unfortunately, he had to wind up his business and started working for someone else on a commission basis.

After my graduation, according to my parent’s wishes, I tried for a job in a reputed Bank but couldn’t get there. I joined a call center for two years. I had to do it to support my family. But night shift’s weren’t my thing. During my college days, I did a graduation course known as GNIIT from National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT). I quickly developed an interest in website designing and started to brush up my skills. I also learned photoshop and HTML in a nearby computer institute. But the teaching wasn’t up to the mark so I bought a computer and started practicing on my own. After a few months of gaining knowledge, I applied for web designing job and got one! This is how my journey as web designer began.

I always wanted to develop my own website. I used to spend hours researching templates and videos online. I observed that there are a lot of websites and video tutorials on different courses but it creates a confusion in the mind of the learner. My true purpose of making this blog and videos is that it is one stop solution for every person who wants to learn web development. I wish to expand this website in future by adding more people who are interested in my team. I am thrilled to embark upon this wonderful beginning of sharing my knowledge with you.

Want to Reach Me?
Email: [email protected]

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